Ethiopia Sidama Bombe Natural

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Origin : Ethiopia

Region : Bombe, Sidama 

Processing : Natural (Dry Process)

Cultivar : Heirloom Cultivar

Tasting Notes : Mulled Apple Cider, Dried Fruit, Tea accents

 Net weight : 226 Grams

In collaboration with Jeremy Foster of @saltcitycars we’re incredibly excited to announce this special release coffee that we’ve been tirelessly working on behind the scenes. They say all good things take time and we’ve certainly taken no shortcuts in preparing this delicious coffee that reflects the best of the best. This Bombe comes from a spot tucked away in the mountains of the Sidama region, near Shantanewe Village located on a privately owned farm called “Daye Bensa”. We’ve been sipping on this Ethiopia Sidama Bombe Natural for a few weeks and it is nothing short of remarkable. It’s Popping with pervasive notes of dried fruit, mulled apple cider and tea like accents. 

It’s Certified Organic too, which means they register every farmer who they buy from and ensure the organic agricultural practices are being employed at the farm level. 


*Pre-Order Available through 07/10/20 and will ship the week of 07/17/20*