About Us

Originally from New Zealand, Rhys (Owner & Founder) has been fortunate enough to be surrounded by some of the world's most beautiful landscapes and some of the best Flat Whites money can buy. 

Being surrounded by coffee professionals for many years, Rhys has translated that time, knowledge, dedication and love for coffee into something more than just a great cup of coffee for himself but also as an extension of an already incredible coffee community that stretches across many continents, languages, cultures and homes.

Here at Kind & Co. we see coffee as an incredible gift of kindness. It’s crazy to think about how far coffee has come to reach our cups for us to enjoy. It has forever been a tradition to share this gift as much as we can whether it’s amongst strangers or with the best of company in some of our favorite places in nature near and far - it’s therapeutic and in some ways sacred. 

With this in mind, it brought us to the most appropriate name and business model  to build from -  Kind & Company. 

Our focus will be on how we can continue to serve quality coffee that is not only ethically and responsibly sourced, but how we can serve it kindly and resourcefully in some of your favorite places. Each coffee offering is roasted in Small Batches, focusing on the delicate nature of each region, focusing on freshness, taste, and always having the person drinking it in mind. 

We have so many incredible opportunities and partnerships that we’re very honored to have and we cannot wait to share these great coffees with you all. We sure hope you continue to follow along this journey with us! 

We’d love to hear from you all! Say hey, grab a bag of coffee or two and tell us what you’re most looking forward to tasting. 



Kind & Co. Coffee Roasters